Training Courses


Training courses offered

1) Basics of kung fu.
2) We offer training for learning different animal styles.
3) Weaponry Art .
4) Meditation .
5) Gymnastics.

Many of you would not be aware of animal styles how these styles work , so to get a brief idea of what it is exactly mentioned below:

Animal Styles of Kung-Fu

One of the most important classification in Kung-Fu and one that characterizes martial arts in particular, is reference to a particular animal. It is common for martial arts all over the world to draw their inspiration from nature. Kung-Fu, however, bases entire systems on the movements of a particular animal and names the style accordingly. Styles imitating animals form some of the oldest examples of Kung Fu and can be seen for the first time as far back as 220 BC when monks invented a health system based on five animals - Dragon, monkey, crane, snake and tiger.

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